The following resources can be used to help you manage your finances during emergency situations such as COVID-19. Information and tips are provided to help you with general money planning, budgeting, saving, debt and more.

Some of the resources below are worksheets that you can type in and save. Please download and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free-for-use PDF reader) to use this feature.

Financial empowerment support

If you are looking for financial empowerment support in your area, such as tax filing or financial education, please consult our searchable Directory.

General money planning

In emergency situations, it is helpful to look at the different areas of your financial life as well as think about your general well-being. The following resource sheets will provide you with some tips on taking care of yourself and your finances and will help you set priorities for your budget.


Budgeting will help you track the changes to your income and spending and help you make adjustments as necessary. Use the worksheets below to track your income and expenses and create a budget. Also find some suggestions on how to reduce your expenses.


Saving money can help protect you from unexpected expenses and help you meet your money goals. Find some general saving tips and ways to be a savvy consumer.


Managing debt can be especially challenging during tough times. The resources below can help you manage your bills, create a plan to tackle your debt, talk to creditors and find additional resources that can help.

Taxes, credits and benefits

Benefits and refundable tax credits help with your living expenses by adding to your income. View a list of common benefits and credits and social assistance programs below.


The resources provided are intended to be used for educational purposes only and not to be used as a substitute for professional financial or legal advice.